Review: Hey Harry, Hey Matilda

Hey Harry, Hey Matilda
Hey Harry, Hey Matilda by Rachel Hulin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hey, Harry, Hey Matilda gives us a quirky, snarky set of correspondence between adult twins. The hinge point of the story is that Matilda has told her boyfriend that her twin died. It’s what bonds them together in their not-so-fantastic relationship: his twin died, “too.” It’s time to bring said boyfriend home to meet Mom but, what to do? Harry, Matilda’s very not-dead twin brother will be there, too.

Despite being a somewhat humorous look into the communication between two close-knit siblings, neither of them was likable enough to keep me caring. The story also progressed slooooowly. I found myself impatient with the whole thing. Eventually there are two more “big” reveals, but what they really reveal are just more self-centered people who take no responsibility for the impact their actions will have on those they supposedly love. What is the message here? Everyone lies? Lying about life-changing things is okay? Maybe it’s an exploration into how lies warp a person’s ability to develop as an adult? (view spoiler)

This is a good beach read or stuck-in-an-airport read, because Hulin has a fun writing style. However, if you have a long to-read list and don’t have infinite time, this is not a must-read.

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