Review: We’ll Never Be Apart

We'll Never Be Apart
We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We’ll Never be Apart takes place in a mental institution for teens and is largely told through the eyes of Alice Monroe, accused of murder by fire. Some chapters are told in the present, and some are pages from the journal her counselor asks her to write. Because of the setting, most readers will know that Alice will be an unreliable narrator.

This is an intense, gripping, and unapologetic story. It held my interest the entire time and I continued to think about it afterwards. Author Emiko Jean also provides a thought provoking story for teen readers, one that may help them think about resilience, survival, and what makes a good love relationship.

This is an upsetting story that may disturb some readers. Themes of abandonment, bad foster care situations, violence, pyromania are throughout. Other readers will love it!

Experienced readers may see the big reveal coming. Those who have not read as broadly or who are not as familiar with the genre will be satisfyingly surprised.

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