Review: Generosity: An Enhancement

Generosity: An Enhancement
Generosity: An Enhancement by Richard Powers
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

So, I am reading this and thought it was going to be science fiction, about genetic research and happiness, and possibly about ethics and who owns the results when you are the test subject. Apparently, it’s about a creative writing course and a formerly snarky essayist who no longer can write because his pieces have hurt people. I’m confused but it’s not bad.

What’s cool about this is that it is several years old and completely spot on about ‘creative non-fiction,’ personal essays, and the idea of ‘voice’ over truth. Everyone writes about themselves; the internet is so much about seeing yourself ‘in print,’ and not so much about learning something factual or useful.

100 pages in and this is not for me. The story has yet to get going. No science yet, no ethics, not even much happiness for a story that’s about a happiness gene. Only the sad-sack night course instructor limping along haplessly and glimpses of a tv personality who covers technology but has disappointed her parents by failing to use her intelligence in ways they approve (and for failing to reproduce).

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