Review: After the Crash

After the Crash
After the Crash by Michel Bussi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I do not understand what the big deal is about this book. I experienced it as more annoying than great.

There are sloppy discrepancies within the text (Ex: Lylie tells the reader that Credule Gand-Duc is a father figure to Marc, someone who has been a consistent presence in Marc’s life. And yet, Marc has to use his influence in his workplace to get Grand Duc’s telephone number? Wouldn’t he have that already?)

It also defies too much belief that none of the bodies of any of the other passengers were found, that no one tried to recover the remains of their family members who perished in the crash. The body of the ‘second’ baby would have been found & comparisons could have been made.

What is the author trying to convey in creating so many characters who are completely bonkers and degenerate, and not in an endearing way? Why so much depravity? And, (spoiler), the fact that any relationship develops between Marc and Malvina is insane. Any real person in his position would have taken his child and run as far as possible away from her poisonous self.

I get that both Bussi, the author, and Grand-Duc, the teller, want to create some suspense in the telling – but the tale is too slowly spun out. What is supposed to be craftily suspenseful, I experienced as manipulative and unnecessary. I also saw the big reveal chapters and chapters before the writer spelled it out.

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