Review: Undertow

Undertow by Michael Buckley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

High Schooler Lyric gets debilitating migraine headaches, and she can no longer go down the the shore and practice yoga with her mom, which was the only thing that ever made her feel better. She can’t, because powerful and terrifying humanoid creatures from the bottom of the ocean have established a refugee camp on the beach, and it’s off limits to all others. Why have they come out of the ocean? What do they want?

Once you get past the first two chapters (which jarringly feel like they have nothing to do with one another), Undertow is a fine and exciting addition to the YA OMG-I’m-not-a-normal-teen genre. This is a very different book than any of the Sisters Grimm, aimed at an older audience and almost casually cruel. Of course, there’s a little romance, but there also is some political awareness that will appeal to many teen readers, and plenty to argue about. A sequel is coming.

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