Review: Smek for President!

Smek for President!
Smek for President! by Adam Rex
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How how how is it possible that I did not know Adam Rex had written another adventure for JLo and Tip? Must read now.

Sooo happy! We were reading this out loud in the car in the driveway, waiting our turn at drum lessons and laughing and snorting and having tears to stream down our faces. Me and my humansgirl LOVE this. Final answer no takebacks!

“Out of curiosity, how many buildings are too many buildings to crash into?”

“JLo shrugged, or tried to. He doesn’t really have the shoulders for it.”

“I want a leader who’s a humble supergenius.”

“The peoples in this town they sure do hold a grudge,” he announced. “You accidentally make ONE PUPPY colossal and suddenly you are that alien.”

“Apologies. I do not speak English.”


“She is still mad about this?” he huffed. I told her – I thought they were anklewolves.”
“Okay, whatever, I – ”
“Why elsenow would a person wear fur with shortpants? It makes no sense!”

“JLo, please pass the salt.”
“This is the chlorine. The salts is in front of you.” He put a little chlorine on his deodorant sandwich.
Mom shuddered. “We have to start labeling things.”

“Remembers,” said JLo. “We are in parking spot number pi-/73034.”

“I have been watching the Americans. You like to think you decide things, but you only ever decide not to change. Because you are afrightened of change. You are the man who likes a big menu but always orders hamburgers.”

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