Review: Jackaby

Jackaby by William Ritter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book very much — Not so much for the storyline as for the words and the goofiness and the mood. This is a book that defies neat categorization — The main characters are adults and teens and there is a tiny hint of romance but I would not call it YA. It has murder and blood (lots!) but I wouldn’t call it horror. And though Jackaby gets the title, and the hyperbolic jacket flap blurb calls it Sherlock Holmes meets Doctor Who (it falls quite short of that), Abigail Rook is the star of this story and she is great! Tired of being left behind when her paleontologist father goes into the field, (because accompanying him would be inappropriate for a young lady), Abigail steals her school tuition money and sets out on her own adventures. She eventually lands in North America and gets a job with Jackaby, a private investigator who sees what the police do not. If you were a fan of Angie Sage, Abigail may remind you very much of Araminta Spook all grown up. I highly recommend this for more sophisticated upper elementary readers and any teens.

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