Review: Snatched: A British black comedy

Snatched: A British black comedy
Snatched: A British black comedy by Bill James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

George LePage is new to his post of Museum Director. He is ready to bring in a coveted traveling exhibition of ancient Japanese medical tools, bask in a little glory, and retire young(ish). But then there’s the matter of the disgruntled paleontologist former museum employee who may have gone mad, live nudity in the prehistoric Britain display, and an art curator who may have wasted a big pile of money on fake El Greco paintings, which are subsequently burgled, anyway. The relaxing last years of his career are not to be.

Quite hilarious if you have been an academic or a museum employee — Lots-of-behind-the-exhibits-discussion of departmental prestige, bringing the past alive, engaging the public and the endless quest for funding, promotion, and international acclaim.

If you liked crazed and ridiculous “Fawlty Towers”-style comedies, you may like this. Lots of impossibly smart people behaving like boobheads and lots of wordplay and endless conversation. Fun.

If there is ever to be a movie, there are roles here for Stephen Fry and John Cleese, to be sure.

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