Review: I’m Just Me

I'm Just Me
I’m Just Me by M G Higgins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is spot-on with the daily hell some kids have to go through in high school. Kids who are different in any way, or not different at all, but simply the unlucky winners of that unofficial lottery, become to brunt of other kids’ mysterious need to be mean. Well-meaning adults fail to see, or look the other way — and the targeted kids begin to feel that the only thing they can do is take drastic action on their own.

In this book, Mia and Nasreen are lucky, because they find one another and become friends. Each gives each other a little strength.

I would read more books in this series. It absolutely delivers. A very quick and easy read without talking down to the reader or being preachy. There were places in the reading when I was in tears — I could really feel for those kids and it brought back what those years can be like.

I recommend this book to adults who work with teens, kids who’ve experienced bullying, and kids who may have found themselves on the mean end of the interactions.

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