Review: The Boys I Didn’t Kiss And Other Essays

The Boys I Didn't Kiss And Other Essays
The Boys I Didn’t Kiss And Other Essays by Kathleen Rockwell Lawrence
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

I am impressed by the staying power of these very short essays, written in the 1980s. Lawrence’s perspectives on growing up in a large family, choosing to have a small one, marriage career, politics, New York living, and reproductive rights are still pretty spot on, despite the passing of almost 30 years! I’ll agree with those reviewers who found the book jacket praise a bit much, but this one’s worth keeping on the shelves. A few of the pieces feel too short or like she missed making a really powerful point. In most, she expresses herself and smart and interesting, someone I’d enjoy meeting.

(Small note: I find myself shivering a bit. In one essay about how the constant construction and demolition of the city can disrupt your home life, Lawrence off-handedly mentions that her husband works at the World Trade Center. It was written in 1988. Her website is, appropriately, about her writing; I saw no mention of him. I hope he is still alive.)

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