Review: The Butler: A Witness to History

The Butler: A Witness to History
The Butler: A Witness to History by Wil Haygood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Worth reading, despite not being the book I wanted it to be, nor the book it was presented as in the catalogs.

The Butler is, for a very short while, the story of Eugene Allen’s life and service in the White House. Mostly, it is the story of his meeting with Washington Post reporter Wil Haygood, the friendship they developed, and then half the book is about the history of black American filmmaking and the making of the movie The Butler. There’s a brief section at the end highlighting the presidents featured in the movie and their major contributions to civil rights.

Those second and third sections were interesting and valuable, to be sure. However, as I had heard the movie was enormously fictionalized, I really wanted to read Allen’s story. It’s not here. Here’s where some of it is.

I am so impressed by the people who served and saw so much, and stayed discrete. That takes incredible strength.

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