Review: Invisible Things

Invisible Things
Invisible Things by Jenny Davidson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Off to a clunky start with too much straight out explaining what happened in book one. No complaints, though, as I already knew I did not like Davidson’s writing style. Why did I bother to pick up this book? Because, in spite of the bad writing, there’s a story here. Though Sophie started out as a candidate for cool girl protagonist and has seemed younger an more ineffectual as her story progresses, I still can’t shake wanting to know what happens to her. I also can’t help thinking that I might like Davidson, herself, as a person.

There is less science in Invisible Things than in The Explosionist, and less emphasis on alternate world building. The focus is on the love story, the coming war and, disappointingly and, truly, maddeningly lamely, Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. The Snow Queen, really? The conclusion to this ambitious, alternate universe, scientifically interesting tale is the hurt feelings of an unacknowledged love child who retreats to her palace in the north? Davidson starts with such promise — strong women characters, even, and ends with insidious and violent misogyny, an alternate history that still leads to Europe’s persecution of the Jews in the 30s, and the world on the brink of nuclear war due the hurty feelings of a pretty woman. Feh and feh.

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