Review: Forgotten Country

Forgotten Country
Forgotten Country by Catherine Chung
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is less about missing sisters than it is about families, extended families, and the period of time leading up to death by known terminal illness. It’s a wash of feelings and reactions to past political turmoil, lives diminished by exile from one’s home country, and the pressures we put on ourselves and our children. Would I have picked it up had I known the the majority of the emotional and storytelling focus would be on the father’s wasting away and, eventually, dying? I don’t know. Beautifully written. The feelings of uncertainty and limbo and annoyance and frustration that Janie feels are very well communicated to the reader. But it is NOT a story of multiple generations of lost sisters, and it’s NOT about Hannah and her disappearance. Honestly, why are book jacket blurbs always so misleading?

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