Review: Breed

Breed by Chase Novak
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well, the writing in this one is overblown and breathlessly overdramatic. It would be hard to read out loud with a straight face. It is both gross and fun to read. So far, (p.82), it’s completely predictable, but that hasn’t stopped me from feeling compelled to read it!

So, now I’m done. What to say? Though sold as horror, it isn’t actually scary. It’s more of an elongated chase than anything else. You already know the answers from the first third of the book. Also, I don’t think anyone edited it, unless the narrator was supposed to have the same aphasic condition as Leslie.

All in all, not scary, not funny, not exciting, not unique. Was it a subversive critique of modern science? I don’t think it was smart enough to succeed as that. I don’t mean to be super-harsh, It was a fast read. Still, I won’t be looking for another book by Novak.

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